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$50 per class A credit card is required to enroll but isn't charged until the time of service.
We will be providing a proctored, quiet, uninterrupted study space for students wanting to take a full Mock MCAT exam. We will be following the Association of American Medical Colleges Mock MCAT Exam Administers Guidelines:
• Total seated time is 7 hours and 27 minutes.
• All personal belongings are stored in a secured locker or other storage solution provided by the test center. Students may not access their phones or any other electronic devices until the end of the exam.
• Food and drink may be accessed only during breaks. There are no refrigerators or microwaves, so students should not bring items that require temperature control.
• To take a break or leave the testing room, students should raise their hand to get the attention of the test administrator. The test administrator will escort those students out of the testing room.
• Taking more than the designated amount of time during a break will reduce the amount of time available to complete the next exam section.
• In case of a technical problem, students should raise their hand and request that the on-site test administrator submit a report.
• Students will be provided with a noteboard, fine-tipped marker, and foam ear plugs.

Additional Information Can Be Found Here: https://aamc-orange.global.ssl.fastly.net/production/media/filer_public/48/58/4858df29-f596-432b-a10...